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Allergy Testing & Desensitization

Electrodermal screening is fast, low cost and effective at determining reactivity to foods, chemicals and inhaled allergens.

Standard blood tests for allergy can also be ordered.

We have a great, simple method to desensitize to allergies, and is one of our more popular services.

Many people recognize allergies as itchy hives and rashes, or as hay fever with itchy swollen eyes, sneezing and congestion. Asthma and the throat closing distress of anaphylactic shock can be very severe.

Allergies and sensitivities cause distress in almost any organ or tissue. A triggering allergy or sensitivity may be considered in many acute and chronic health problems. We may order testing in such cases as migraines, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic earaches, frequent and recurrent infections, hyperactivity disorders, nosebleeds, seizures, etc.

Dr. Lendvai will take a history, review related tests, and make a physical examination to determine which tests are required. Most popular is the electrodermal testing for inhalant and food allergies and for chemical sensitivity. The electrodermal testing device is a reliable screening tool in experienced hands. You are provided with a list of what has been tested and what reactions were found. You can often easily confirm the reactions by following the directions on the test sheet. You may also choose to verify the results by skin tests, blood tests, and other investigations. Electrodermal testing stands up to these more uncomfortable or costly tests with over 80% clinical effectiveness.

We have a great, simple method to desensitize to allergies. It is "fast" and "effective", and is one of our more popular services.