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Natural Immune Support

Heel of Germany has created two all natural homeopathic injectable remedies to support the immune system effective . When taken together they provide an effective resistance to colds, flu and other viral diseases.

The ingredients are simple herbs in a very dilute form. They stimulate the immune system to a state of high readiness to meet and defeat whatever strains may come along.

A very small needle is used to inject them into a muscle, and there are no known side-effects.

I also recommend the Boiron brand homeopathic preparation "Thymuline"as an additional immune support. It helps the thymus gland make mature and active immune cells. Take one vial every week for 4 weeks, dissolving the sweet pellets under the tongue. Take another a month later. For small children, 1/2 a vial is sufficient for each dose.

Your immune system will also benefit from zinc, vitamin A, echinacea and vitamin C in the flu season. Ask your naturopathic physician for the appropriate dose for you.