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Naturopathic Medicine

Medical history, physical examination and testing provide a rational basis for development of nutritional, botanical (herbal), physical and other natural medicines for treatment of disease, restoration of wellness and prevention.

Naturopathic Education

Naturopathic medical colleges are four-year postgraduate schools with admission requirements comparable to those of conventional medical schools. The degree " Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine" requires four years of graduate level study in medical sciences including:

  • anatomy
  • physiology
  • biochemistry
  • pathology
  • microbiology
  • immunology
  • pharmacology
  • laboratory diagnosis
  • clinical and physical diagnosis
  • cardiology
  • neurology
  • radiology
  • minor surgery
  • obstetrics
  • gynecology
  • pediatrics
  • dermatology
  • other clinical sciences

Throughout the four years, there is training in naturopathic therapeutics, including therapeutic nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, natural childbirth, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, naturopathic manipulative therapy, and other therapies. Because the coursework in natural therapeutics is added to a standard medical curriculum, naturopathic doctors receive significantly more hours of classroom education than the graduates of many leading medical schools.

Naturopathic Physicians (N.D.s)

Naturopathic Physicians are primary health care practitioners. They are trained to be the doctor first seen by the patient for general health care, for advice on keeping healthy, and for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic conditions. They also serve those whose treatment by conventional means has not met their needs and who seek naturopathic care as an alternative.

Alternative and complementary medicine is a modern term for a lot of traditional medicine that falls outside the mainstream of conventional medical practice. The very conservative forms of synthetic drug and surgery medicine are fairly well tested by controlled scientific studies, and are well founded. This means they are reliable, we know what they are likely to accomplish, and at what risk or harm. However, there are many time-tested healing methods which have not yet been subject to "rigorous science" but nevertheless are used around the world.

More and more well educated people are seeing that medicine is constantly moving from one patent medicine to the next, with little progress in treating many chronic and common complaints in a curative way. Many simple medicines, nutrition, bodywork, and healing touch are still acceptable as valid based on history of safe use, reasonable effectiveness, and obvious bio-compatibility. Gentle and natural remedies of great dilution help the body to heal itself. Homeopathic injections for joints and pain areas are very safe and good alternatives to cortisone and surgery.

Now, just because its been around awhile and seems commonsense doesn’t guarantee its good for you. Many fads and fashions have been inflicted on trusting people. A naturopathic physician job is to assess what is in the best interest of a patient. In many conditions there are options which are natural, safe and effective.

Homeopathy as a healing art is over 200 years old. Dr. Lendvai brings over 25 years of training and experience to the art of homeopathic medicine and uses these natural medicines to help the body heal itself.

A natural approach should always do no harm, complement and support good standard medical care, and provide care for those who cannot tolerate the usual drugs or surgery. Medical history, physical examination and testing provide a rational basis for development of nutritional, botanical (herbal), physical and other natural medicines for treatment of disease, restoration of wellness, and prevention.